Raw Muesli


$9.50 / kg

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Rolled Oats, Rolled Rye Grain, Coconut Chips (preservative free), Sunflower kernels, Pumpkin kernels, Australian Dried sultanas (ingredients Sultana’s & Sunflower Oil), Cranberries (ingredients: Cranberry, Sugar, Citric Acid, Sunflower Oil & Elderberry Juice Concentrate), NASS Bran (ingredients: Wheat Bran, Wheat Flour [Vitamin (Thiamin)] & Vegetable Oil), Banana Chips (ingredients: Bananas, Coconut Oil, Sugar & Honey), Diced Pineapple (ingredients: Pineapple, Cane Sugar, Food Acid (330) & Preservative (220)) and Diced Paw Paw (ingredients: Papaya, Cane Sugar & Preservative 220).

May contain: Traces of Gluten

Manufactured in Australia from imported and local ingredients